I'm a French Engineer and Artist.
While searching for ways to engineer anything else than social or ecological regression, I make or contribute to Free/Libre and Open Source tools and I make art mostly through my games.


I stream a couple of extra work hours every week day. You can vote on which project I should work on during this time. You can check this timeline to know what's next based on your votes!

Work and Creations



Fly across the dimensions!

Find and sync all the antennas along the way!

While mastering the art of handling the Octahedrone!

Use your unique octahedron shaped drone and its challenging controls to sync back all the antennas across the dimensions!

An Endless Adventure Awaits You

In Daedalus Demise you're trapped in an endless maze. Going deeper into this dungeon is your only hope. Be fast to exit each floor and try to go as deep as possible while collecting coins and gems along the way!


In this action-adventure game the goal is to reach the deepest floor! At each floor you have to find a key and the exit. You can also get some pickaxes, maps, and compasses along the way to help you, but be quick, since on each floor, you are on a timer! Try to go deeper while getting as much coins as possible to get a new high-score!

Use the arrow keys, WASD or your controller's D-pad or left stick to move around... Good luck


This game was made using Free/Libre and Opensource tools, including Godot Engine, by me, Tim Krief, originally for the Crunchless Challenge in February 2021.

Mini Pet 64

In this virtual pet simulator you will discover a unique wonderful cute little pixelated creature that just hatched from their egg!

Take care of your little pet and make them go out gather some fruits, but watch out for the blueberries since they are allergic!. You might even be able to afford some new eggs to bring some new friends home!

Get your own mini pet!

Made in around 24 hours during 14 days for the LowRezJam 2021 in which the goal is to make a game with a 64 by 64 resolution. The musics were made in around a weekend by Earl20.



Minimal is a browser extension to experience a minimal, less attention grabbing internet experience. Internet should be a tool, not a trap.

Minimal is driven by core values:

  • Users must actively make choices by themselves.
  • Users should easily find the content they are searching for on a page, not the content a platform wants them to see.
  • Service providers can convince users to use their platform, but only through their services' inner quality.

This extension is being developed for the greater good, it is a free and open-source software, you can check its code and contribute on gitlab.


Crafty County

Merge blocks, build town

Explore and build towns by merging group of four buildings to craft new ones. Discover new combinations to create unique structures and reach your city's goals. Use your dexterity to smartly handle the increasing flow of businesses and inhabitants joining your town.

An intense mash-up

This City-Building game also being a puzzle and dexterity one, will push you to your limits without bothering you with the complicated issues to handle that usually comes with traditional city-building simulations.



SitCoin is a personal currency to balance the time you spend moving and the time you spend sitting.

You can track your SitCoin balance using the SitCoin app.

"Sylvie.photos" is the website and gallery I made to display all the photos, montages and artpieces of Sylvie Pantalacci:


I take pictures to capture the magic of a moment or the beauty of a place and I edit and assemble them in montages to emphasize the atmospheres, the harmonies of colors. I write tales and legends to enrich the images with words often coming from childhood.

My work is achieved either by associating pictures, or by duplicating them identically, or by opposing them, confronting them.

In each case, the process allows me to convey the emotions felt during the shooting, these emotions that inspire my simple poems.

Take a moment to feel plenitude while browsing through the photos and videos.

Sylvie Pantalacci


A game about world inequalities, discriminations, GMOs, pollution, children with guns, and more.

This game and its assets were made in a week by me, @timkrief, for Lowrezjam2017. The constraint was to use a 64 by 64 resolution

Ma chaîne politique en français accessible ici.

Si on en parle pas maintenant on ne pourra plus en parler plus tard!

Bienfaits Pour Tous @BPTous


Game in development


Game in development

Lost in Space: infinite frontier

You play as a space-ship and have to stay alive as long as you can, dodging or destroying asteroids. It's An arcade bullet-hell shooter! Nobody achieved 1 light-year score for the moment, it's the ultimate challenge. This game was made using native Javascript.

Random Audio Stream Player Nodes for Godot Engine

This plugin will add Random Audio Stream Player Nodes (standard, 2D and 3D) that can be used as normal Audio Stream Player Nodes with the added ability to play randomly audio from an array of audio streams with the possibility to choose the random strategy and to randomize the volume and the pitch.


This is a Godot Engine project that can be imported in godot and features a demo using a Random Audio Stream Player 3D to play randomly walking sound effects from an array of 8 possible sounds. (Sounds are made by me, Tim Krief and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.)

To use the plugin in your own project you can copy all the files in addons/ to the addons/ folder of your project and enable the plugin in Godot. Complete instructions are available here: Installing plugins (GodotDocs)

The add-on is also available in the Godot Asset Library that can be accessed directly from the Engine as shown in the demonstration video I've made.

Why and how to use this add-on?

I have made a video about this add-ons, its purpose and an example showing you how it can be used, you can watch it here.

Bringing Horizon

Fly across the dimensions!

Find and sync all the antennas along the way!

While mastering the art of handling the Octahedrone!

Use your unique octahedron shaped drone and its challenging controls to sync back all the antennas across the dimensions!

F.A.N.S. Framerate Advance Notice System

The Framerate Advance Notice System lets you know the available framerate options on a Youtube video by hovering its thumbnail.

How it works: when you install it and refresh your tabs pointing to a youtube.com page, when hovering a thumbnail, the browser will actually dynamically load the raw html source from the video page to get the framerate information.

The Framerate Advance Notice System web extension is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

This game features motion sickness without even using VR

A game about boat flying to space due to the weather [insert physics proof here] and the player trying to stay on it, with bad control and collision spicing up the challenge!


  • Stay on board even if the boat is going to space (your score is your altitude)

This game was made in 10 days, for the dragonjam2017. The theme was space and sea, so here's a boat which goes into space. It's my first game in 3D and I am proud of it...

This game and all the assets (except for fonts) were made by me, @timkrief, using the great Godot Engine and Gimp, in less than 48 hours, for the GMTKjam 2019 hosted by Mark Brown from Game Maker's Tool Kit . The theme was "Only One" Only one what?

There is only one room but it's destructible, so you have to protect it and to avoid damaging it. Monsters try to enter. The more missed shots, the more holes you make in your room's walls, making it easier for monsters to penetrate. You will have to take care of your only one room because you will lose when the room is not safe anymore.

Due to time constraints, there are no music or sound effects for the moment in the game.

Notorious is a watchface for the Pebble smartwatch.

It is the Best color changing watchface out there! Simplicity and élégance, that's what you need! Enjoy your colorful day!

Every minute, a new color is displayed. This watchface is easily readable and battery friendly.

python3 /var/lib/docker/volumes/nextcloud_nextcloud/_data/data/timkrief/files/Ordinateur/Projets/bhote/script.py

The Crunchless Challenge is an open event where you are invited to join the challenge to make a proper game sustainably, without crunching. In February 2021 I've decided to make a game in a 35 hours work week during what I called the "One Week Crunchless Challenge" and it was so interesting and instructive that I decided to hold a new one! This time around, It's open to all and we'll be able to take as much time as we want during a full month, but there's a catch, we have to decide how much time beforehand and stick to it!

If you ever took part of a game jam before, this is totally different:

  • No competition
  • No rating
  • No ranking
  • No required theme announced at the start
  • Not required to create everything from scratch during the challenge duration
  • No feeling bad because you decided to go outside, eat and sleep!
  • You choose your own sustainable time schedule:

    • You should not overwork yourself: - Spread your work into reasonable sessions.

      • Do not schedule too much per week. 35 hours a week seems like a good upper limit.
      • It's okay to go as low as 1 hour a day if you already have a busy schedule.

      • You could start at any time in November if you prefer dedicating less time to the challenge.

        • Try to set the last day of November as the last day of your schedule, so that we all finish at the same time.
        • Do not choose a schedule that doesn't fit the scope of your idea, or an idea with a scope that doesn't fit your schedule.
        • Stick to your schedule. You can decrease the allocated time if needed during the challenge, but you shouldn't spend more time than what you planned, it would be crunching.
  • Making a good game-play loop is only one side of the challenge, you must also plan: - Polish, Reliability and Accessibility

    • Branding / Visual Identity
    • Communication / Marketing
    • Time management / Scope
  • You are expected to actually put up your game for sale at a sustainable price at the end of the challenge.

  • You can work alone or as a team (You can use the community tab to look for a team)

At the end of the challenge, if you end up making something you are proud to call "the game I/we made" and proud to put it up for sale, by managing your time in a way that respects what you planned at the beginning, without having to crunch, then you succeed.

You are highly encouraged to:

  • Use Free/Libre and Open Source tools to make your game. By using, contributing and supporting FLOS tools, more and more of the tooling we need to actually start making games are being shared and worked on by everyone instead of being something all teams have to either make themselves or become dependent on other companies to get.
  • Do not sell your game for less that you think it should be. By trying to get a slice of the pie at all costs, some game industry practices made the users massively undervalue what games should be worth. If we don't want to be forced to get money by crunching to make more half-baked games, or by psychologically manipulating users into spending money for in-game currencies, or by selling their attention span through ads, we have to act now and we have to act as a group, by all selling our games at proper prices.
  • Document your process. Make regular posts, stream your work sessions or shoot videos, following your journey, showing you planning and sticking to your plans, or having to change the plans and why.
  • Make a Postmortem post and declare if you succeeded the challenge or not and why.
  • Reuse, recycle! Take that old project or idea that you've been putting off and work on that.
  • Have Fun!

An F.A.Q. to know more about me! I try to keep it up to date but if something is missing or incorrect, or even if you have a question that is not answered here, feel free to let me know!

This is a website I use to share all my links at once. All my social links are there!

I contribute to Free/Libre and Open Source tools that I do not manage. I don't think I'm going to list my contributrions so this page is here instead. Feel free to vote for this if you want me to work on some Free/Libre and OpenSource tools that I do not manage.


It's a twin stick shooter where you can't shoot people.

The theme of the GMTK gamejam was "out of control".

The theme of the GWJ was "Tiny Worlds".

This game is a non-violent twin stick shooter where you mind control a character to make them steal an emerald. The thing is the character you control wont cross the line, they wont shoot and kill people. You can shoot at walls to scare people away but if you try to shoot at people, your character will be paralyzed and wonder why they tried to shoot someone 😅. If you get the gem you win. if people catch you you lose 😉.

You can play with keyboard and mouse or with a joypad / game controller :)

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