I'm an IndieDev. I work on my own projects or client ones. Games, websites, tools, artworks... I'm convinced that technology can be used to make artistic and virtuous stuff, we just have to make an effort to use it that way.

My projects.

On projects.timkrief.com you can check my projects, and if you like my work, by supporting me on patreon you’re able to vote for what project I should spend time on during my streams every weekday.

Indie games.

You can check my games on my itch.io page. Some of them are available right now, others are still in development.

Videos and streams.

I stream every weekday and I create videos on my youtube channel.

Free/libre and open source tools.

By using, contributing and supporting FLOS tools, more and more of the tooling we need to actually start making things are being shared and contributed to by everyone instead of being something all teams have to either make themselves or become dependent on other companies to get.


Feel free to contact me at contact@timkrief.com. I'll get back to you as soon as I can. You can also connect with me on the following social media platforms:

Tim Krief, 2024